Lancor Technology, Inc., started business in the Bay Area during the silicon Valley recession period of the 2000's when most of the Computer related small businesses were going out of business. The object behind this untimely start of a new business was to cater to the continuing requirements of larger corporations and companies, who were trying to survive and ride-out the difficult economical period. These organizations still needed vendors to supply them with their vastly reduced but still necessary requirements of Computers, Peripherals, Parts and Accessories, Supplies and Repairs, Technical support and assistance with Networks at vastly reduced prices.

This situation was ideal for a couple of computer service industry veterans who formed Lancor Technology Inc. With their vast experience in economical sourcing and technical expertise at their disposal, Lancor has been able to maintain a growing database of Bay Area companies as their customers. We are fortunate to survive and remain a part of the high-tech industry, and we continually strive to gain new and current product knowledge and sources.

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